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The OdDer Limits is a comedic podcast and animated web series dedicated-ish to strange true crime and the paranormal. If it's weird, we're probably into it. This is a huge passion project for us, merging our creativity with our odder than life fascinations. We are a completely self-run independent show, doing all the animated production, sound design, content research, and merchandising ourselves. We appreciate any and all support from our fans in our crazy endeavor to the Odder Side. We thank you from the bottom of our little dark creepy monster hearts!



Zee has been a creative little Monstette since childhood, turning anything she could get her claws on into art. Animation is a new area for her and armed with never ending hours of YouTube tutorials, animation books and practice - the bags under her eyes say she's up for the challenge. Her fascination with the creepier side of life started at a young age when she saw and felt things she couldn't logically explain, such as someone unseen falling down the basement stairs and man sized shadow bunnies jumping outside her window (true stories folks). She is excited to finally merge her two passions and have an excuse to laugh not as nervously at whatever keeps staring at her at night.



Ty has always been a Monster with a passion for finding answers. Often trying to find out how things work, he has been known to take everything apart. Which led him to the question, "why is there always an extra screw?" (Much to his mother's dismay.) His fascination for the things that move in the shadows began with a not so friendly ghost, who had pension for encouraging him to do bad things. It was at this moment that his brother gained a Ty shaped roommate for the next 5 years. He is excited to share his joy of questions, answers, and laughing at the absurd with all you other little Monsters out there.

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